February 8

Making Comments

Today we will develop some guideline for leaving comments.  Your comments should provide thoughtful ideas that add to the Post in a constructive way.  What are some ways we can always make sure that we are able to leave good comments on our blogs?

Portable 35 Commenting Guidelines 2010-2011

  • Add comments to show that you read the post and add details that shares your knowledge of the topic.
  • Ask questions.  Open-ended questions are best.  They require the blogger to respond.  This makes it more like a conversation.
  • Use appropriate words/media.
  • Make sure that you use good punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Try and connect with the blog.
  • Stay away from slang or texting language.  Some people may not understand it.
  • Be polite.
  • It’s okay to give advice/suggestions.
February 8

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are a fun card game that have created a stir at Challenger Elementary.  Teachers and the school Principal have asked students not to bring them to school.  Unfortunately, they disrupt our learning environment too much.  So, what do we do when a student doesn’t follow our directions?

Recently, we had a student, we’ll name Student A, in our class get their Pokemon cards taken from them.  Myself (Mr. Magill), Mr. Adkinson and Student A’s parent asked them not to bring them to school.  Student A took them out in class and I asked for them.  I told Student A that I would give them to the parent at the end of the day.  The end of the day came and I shared the event with the child’s guardian.  Student A’s parent asked me to dispose of them.

Since, the day I took these cards, Student A has been very upset.  Student A doesn’t think it’s fair that the cards were taken.  Student A explained to me that other people were bringing their cards to school and taking them out when I didn’t see them.  Student A said, “They have cards in their backpacks!”

This has turned into a serious conversation related to civics and the Bill of Rights.  My question that I’d like to leave for you to think about is….  Should a teacher be allowed to go through the students personal possessions to see if they have Pokemon Cards? Explain why, or why not in your comments.  Thanks.