December 12

Lessons In Molecular Science

Today we went to the library and Mrs. Priest shared with us an interesting topic, snowflakes. She showed us a book called “Snowflake Bentley.”

In this true story, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, a boy named Wilson Bentley learns to photograph snowflakes. At the time this had never really been done. Wilson Bentley pioneered the work for capturing the unique image of a snowflake at a microscopic level. He became an expert at this and would make it his life’s work.

Recently students have been playing with the frost that builds up on the railings of our ramp which leads to our classroom. These are ice crystals. These crystals are very similar to those that form to make snowflakes. Some students have been asking about how the frost forms. Perhaps you might come to some conclusions by investigating more about snowflakes.

To learn more about snowflakes, check out the links in the post. Make sure to share what you learned by leaving a comment.

December 11

Where We’re Going

This video is a reminder of where we’re heading, Islandwood. Please watch the video and take some time to reflect on the journey you’ll be taking. Think about the following questions.

What is Outdoor Education?

What do you think you’ll learn from Islandwood?

When you come back and are at home, how will you share your experience with your parents?

Please watch and comment below.


December 7

Camping in January!

We’re going camping in January!  “Shiver me timbers!” Really it won’t be so bad. We’ll be sleeping and eating inside warm cabins.  Also, some of our classes will be indoors.  Our focus will be on Outdoor Education. Kids seem eager to go. Check out the link below and come back here to comment in response to one of the questions below the link.

Here's a photo from Islandwood. Check out the camp website by clicking on the picture. It's a link to the site.







What have you learned about Camp Islandwood?

What are you looking forward to the most at Camp Islandwood?

What fears do you have about Islandwood?

December 7

Alex’s Effort

Lately we’ve been working hard as a class. I set-up some rotations for related activities during our literacy block and math period. During the rotations our class has really been engaged. Alex produced a piece of work that fits nicely with our math rotations. He was done with an assignment I gave him and he asked for more to do. So, he moved to the Extra Assignment activity. I was really excited for him. Alex seemed very enthusiastic as well. This activity was a good fit for him as he had a solid amount of confidence built up from the last activity he had done. He wasn’t doing it to improve his Knowledge, instead he was trying to improve his Know-How. Let’s stay engaged and be sure to keep turning in any artifacts that you produce that show evidence of your learning.