January 28

Smoothie Sensation

Mrs. MacRae came in on Thursday and talked with us about fruits. We learned lots about the different nutrients in these foods. Students learned that bananas help our hearts stay healthy with all of their potassium. Oranges give us Vitamin C, which gives us healing power. We learned that some fruits like apples have a protective skin that can be eaten to provide our bodies with a good source of fiber. Fiber helps to rid our bodies of toxins. So, what happens when we blend these fruits together?










Voila! It’s not quite summer yet, but Thursday Mrs. MacRae taught us how to create the Summer Breeze Smoothie. I didn’t ask her, but perhaps it’s derived from Seals and Crofts. It was a huge success. Kids gulped these little concoctions down in a hurry.










As you can see it was impossible to contain our excitement.










Good, down to the last drop. Below I’ve included the recipe. Enjoy.











January 19

Snow Days

I hope everyone is enjoying the break from the routines of school. Winter has really placed a grip on the northwest in the last week. We should be able to dig out soon. I know I’ve been having fun with my kids.









I’m curious to hear about the kinds of activities you’ve been participating in while we’ve been stranded in our neighborhoods. ┬áLeave a comment below.

Snow information for our school can be found at a few different sites.

School Bus Snow Bulletin

School Has Been Canceled

School Report

Mukilteo School District

Sometimes the information isn’t posted until the morning; so, check back often to see if we are planning on having a normal school day.