May 23

Pokemon Cards

People in our school like to bring Pokémon cards to school, but they are not allowed. I think Pokémon cards should be allowed at school, three reasons are:

1. Pokémon Cards are fun.  You can try to collect all of them. There are about 500 to collect.

2. Pokémon Cards are easy to hide. It will make it less obvious you have them. You just put them in your backpack and know one will want to steal them.

3. You can learn from Pokémon. For instance, if you’re in battle and you get attacked you have to subtract the amount of damage dealt to you. It involves math.

There are some down parts to bringing Cards to school. If you have them out in class you can get them taken away. Pokémon Cards are a distraction. Trading in the middle of class disrupts everybody. If you get your cards taken away a certain amount of times your teacher will most likely take them away till the end of the year, or till you parents come and get them. So if you bring your Pokémon Cards to school keep them in  your backpack so you won’t get in trouble.