December 6

Who needs chairs?

When we think about the different environments for classrooms, there are several different options. In the last couple of years I’ve looked at Portable 35’s layout and tried to make it a more open space. A place where you immediately come in the room and feel interested and curious. I want students to feel less confined to 1 place.



My theory is that by making the space more open it will be a less stressful space.  Lower stress might help us to learn better. I know I would be stressed, annoyed and possibly angry if I was elbow to elbow with other students in class.



After looking at the pictures, can you think of other ideas that would improve the current design to improve learning?

Here’s an example of what one teacher did in another 5th Grade Class at Wea Ridge.  Click on the link, or words that are colored to go to the story.