January 16

Week in Review #5

Where has all the time gone. In the past few days we’ve had several learning opportunities. I’ve learned a lot about our class as they’ve taken risks and turned in different assignments. In nutrition class, Ms. Julie showed us how to read nutrition labels. We learned that we want some of the nutrition label items to be low while others should be high. For instance, Total Fat should be low, but it’s okay to have some.  We just need to really watch out for the saturated fats category.  Check out this Twinkie Box.  What can you tell me about it?  Do you think they’re a healthy snack?

















After looking at the nutrition label, are you sad that Twinkies have waved goodbye? Maybe they’ll return.  You never know.

Also, recently we finished up the science for Farmer John.  We found that salinity does affect plant growth.Salinity was the manipulated or changed variable in our controlled experiment.  Check out the pictures below.










The cups in front with the best growth had zero scoops of salt and 1 scoop added to the water we used to irrigate. The cups in the back had anywhere from 2-4 scoops of salt added to a liter of water. Can you determine the range of tolerance for the crops based on the picture.

Now in science we will be looking at variables and there connection to the scientific process.

In math we have been studying division. Kahn Academy has some great videos that  have helped us with understanding long division.

This process is very confusing for many students.  Don’t get frustrated.  Remember that you need to really work on your math facts to be able to master it.  Also, watch the video more than once to help you learn more.  Watching it once won’t really teach you the most.  As learners it’s good to repeat.  Remember the analogy of hiking on a trail.  We need to cover the trail multiple times to really keep the trail clear of weeds and plants.  The same thing happens in our minds.  Strengthen those connections and pathways in the brain by repeating what you’re learning.

Last, we have had some time in the computer lab working on our computer based skills. This is essential if we’re to progress more with blogging.  How’s it going?

Your challenge for the week is to respond to this post by explaining what tech skills you’ve learned that you can teach somebody else how to do?