December 3

What’s your impossible?

Yesterday we spent time watching the above motivational video.  The video was sports centered.  I asked kids to think of connections they have with it.  We listened to the narrator talk about the risks you’re willing to take to get better even when it seems like it’s impossible.  Here’s a question I posed to them.

“What’s your impossible at school?”

I wanted them to think about something they really struggle with.  Some students wrote the following:

“I feel like I will never get better at math.”

“Speaking in front of the class.”

“Passing my division math facts.”

“Right now I feel pretty confident about school.”

“To get a higher reading level for my reading.”

I explained that we all come into a school year much like a sports season.  We’re all at different levels for performance.  However, we can all practice and improve to meet our common purpose.

Many times it simply takes an effort and practice, but other times we have to overcome our fear and constant disappointment from failure.  Remember, if we have a never give up attitude, we will improve.