January 15

MLK-A Popular Topic for Students and Educators

Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated every year in classrooms around the world. What did he do that’s made people stop and think about our society? In the US, it’s so significant that schools must provide an assembly for students at their school during January. This makes me think about 2 Essential Questions.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?

Why do we remember him?

Use the following link to process these questions.



January 6

One thing that could have the greatest impact on your learning, and it’s as simple as dreaming.

Today I shared another video with the kids.  But before I embed it into this post, let’s remember the reason for sharing it.

  1. I wanted to have the class reflect on one factor that may play a significant role in their learning.

The video talks about what we’ve learned about sleep through the help of good science.  Some of it is very complicated, but it simplifies one thing in particular, how sleep is connected to learning.  If we don’t get good sleep, we struggle to help our bodies in a number of ways.  For example, we become more forgetful.  So, staying up all night to study for a test isn’t really helpful.  In fact, we’d be better off getting more sleep the night before a test, versus staying up late to study for it.

I asked kids what their optimal level (just right amount) of sleep would be and to share it with a friend.  Zaira said 8 hours.  It’s different for everyone, but typically, most people say they need 8 hours.  A young person generally needs more, like 10 hours because they’re growing.  Next, I asked kids to figure the amount of sleep they were able to get last night and share it with a neighbor.  Then, I asked to show me with their thumbs if they exceeded their optimum (thumbs up), maintained their optimum (thumbs sideways) and didn’t get their optimum (thumbs down).  Wow!  Most kids had their thumbs down.  Are we sleep deprived?  We would really need to investigate it more to know for sure.  Remember that good science would be based on more than one trial.

Here’s the video

I leave you with one question.  Are you willing to study your own sleep habits?