May 23

Survey says!!!

We have finally picked a winner for the Legacy Crop. 5th graders have chosen to plant Kandy Korn and Snowball pumpkins. We used a “Hot Dot” method to choose our crops. It was too close to call. We’ve decided to throw in a larger variety as well for fun. These will be placed away from the classroom beds.


Currently, kids are planning out irrigation for our garden beds. This has given the kids great opportunities to learn logical reasoning, computation with decimals and measurement.

Next steps, planting those pumpkins.

May 23

How do we combine our real-world work with something we love to do?

Recently, I came across a nice video that showcases a young man that is working hard to become an artist.  More specifically, he wants to create and document with videos.  He’s a bit unsure about how to do this, or where his journey will take him.  He comes up with an idea about how he might use skills he’s already mastered and incorporate them with the artistic skills he’s trying to learn.  Watch the video…

What skills did he have mastered? How have they helped him to achieve more?

I showed this video because I think it’s important to work on things that we’re truly passionate about. This adds value to what we do. It keeps us motivated. By focusing on the things we love and are good at, we can learn even more. I’ll bet for Kevin, it even makes going to work that much better. Think of something you’re not finding value with. How can you make it more meaningful?