August 24

One Thing I Learned Recently – “A Broody Hen”

Since we’re in the learning business, I thought I’d start to share different things I learn from time-to-time in a post called “One Thing I Learned Recently….”.  I mean we’re always learning, right?  Well these are real world learnings.  These are what I try to create in the classroom as much as possible.  I really think they’re the most powerful.

At my house we have chickens.

Mr. Magill's chicken coop.

Mr. Magill’s chicken coop.








Yes.  We are city farmers.  I live in the Seattle area and we had about 5 chickens before this story started.  Well, there’s a problem.  One of our chickens, Honey, just sits in the nesting box all day.  She doesn’t want to go out and socialize with all of the other chickens.  Instead she sits in the box and doesn’t even want to eat.  The nesting box is a small space in the chicken coop, or house, that the chickens use to lay eggs.  Chickens need to lay an egg each day of their young life.  What do you think she’s doing?  You guessed it, she’s brooding.  She’s trying to hatch the eggs her friends have laid.

Chicken eggs won’t hatch unless you have a male, or rooster.  The city won’t allow us to have a rooster.  They make too much noise.  Plus they can be mean when they’re trying to protect all of their girlfriends.  Anyway, Honey doesn’t understand.  As a result, she just sits there.  So, we decided to try an experiment.  What do you think we did?  Watch the video to find out.

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