August 29


I went into school last week to check in on our pumpkin patches. Wow! We have pumpkins growing! This is great. Again, Garden 1 seems to be having the most luck. Here are a few shots showing the pumpkin growth.

A photo of Garden 1.

A photo of Garden 1.










Candy Korn pumpkins growing in Garden 1.










Snowball pumpkins growing in Garden 1.









A photo of Garden 2.

A photo of Garden 2. Notice the flowers on the plants. We need those to be pollinated before a pumpkin will grow.










A Kandy Korn pumpkin in Garden 2 growing out of a bucket.


A small Kandy Korn pumpkin growing in Garden 2.













Garden 2 has growth as well, but it’s smaller.

I shared several pictures from these gardens in this post to give you a chance to really compare the different growth responses we’re getting.  At the beginning of the school year we will be studying environments.  Also, we’ll be examining the factors that can impact an environment.  A factor is another word for variable.  I want you to think about this as anything that can affect the way organisms live grow and interact in the environment.  Think about the 2 gardens.  What factors are affecting the growth of pumpkin plants.  There’s more than 1.

Folks, there’s only 1 more week and school begins.  I hope you’re excited to see your friends and meet me.  I’m looking forward to the year.  See you soon.  Enjoy your last few days of Summer Vacation!


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