September 3

Gabe’s Summer

This summer, after school ended, I had to move to Tijuana, Mexico. It’s sometimes fun to be over here, but the boring part is I don’t have any friends to be with; so, I dont have anything to do.

I might go outside to ride my scooter or my bike but that’s it. My dad took me to a restaurant on Wednesday with my family. It was awesome. Afterwards we went home and watched a series called ancient aliens. It talked about how Egyptians were visited by aliens that gave them ideas for airplanes, ect….

This week I was thinking about school, some friends and some other stuff. What I don’t like is we barely started summer and over here they have started school already. My mom said we are not starting school until we get at least one more month of vacation. So that’s what I did this summer.

June 18


Students shouldn’t be allowed to say Bagee in school. There are three reasons why kids shouldn’t say Bagee in school. First, it gets annoying after a while. Second, Bagee is a disruption in class. Third, people have to get sent somewhere or write a “What happened?” sheet and it waste a lot of time.   Someone might argue that Bagee is a funny word. I would tell them that saying Bagee is a disruption and annoying. Finally, students shouldn’t be allowed to say Bagee because it’s a disruption to learning.  
June 14

Bogee? Should or shouldn’t be said.

Students shouldn’t be allowed to say Bogee in class. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Bogee is a disturbance. For Example- Someone says, “Bogee?” Then someone else laughs, and the end result is people can’t concentrate.
2. Bogee has no meaning. It can be used to say “You’re stupid”, or saying “You’re Ugly”, or plain out saying, “Stay away from me!”
3. Bogee is just annoying. Bogee is not fun if it’s said a lot.

Someone might argue that: Bogee is an awesome word that should be able to be said.

I say Bogee is anoying, meaning less, wierd, and a disruption.

June 14


Students in our class shouldn’t be allowed to say Bagee. There are three reasons why kids shouldn’t be allowed to say Bagee in class. First, it is a disruption. Second, it takes away from people’s learning. Third, people say it too much and it’s annoying.
Someone might argue that it is funny or cool. I would tell them that it is a
disruption. Finally, students shouldn’t be allowed to say Bagee in class
because it’s a disruption, it takes away from people’s learning, people say it
too much, and it’s annoying.

June 14

Saying the word “Bogge”

Students shouldn’t be able to say Bogge in class. There are three reasons why kids shouldn’t say Bogge in class. First, it is really annoying because people are saying it
nonstop. Second, it distracts people from learning. When people blurt Bogge out, they make other people not able to concentrate. Third, when people say Bogge, it can get them into trouble. When a teacher is teaching a lesson and the person says it, they could get sent outside. I think a person that likes the word Bogge would say that they want to keep the word because they think that it is funny to them. Then I would tell them that it was kind of funny at first, but now it is really annoying, and it a can get people in trouble if the teacher or someone else is talking. Finally, students should not be able to say the word Bogge because it’s annoying, it’s disruptive and it can get you into trouble.

May 23

Pokemon Cards

People in our school like to bring Pokémon cards to school, but they are not allowed. I think Pokémon cards should be allowed at school, three reasons are:

1. Pokémon Cards are fun.  You can try to collect all of them. There are about 500 to collect.

2. Pokémon Cards are easy to hide. It will make it less obvious you have them. You just put them in your backpack and know one will want to steal them.

3. You can learn from Pokémon. For instance, if you’re in battle and you get attacked you have to subtract the amount of damage dealt to you. It involves math.

There are some down parts to bringing Cards to school. If you have them out in class you can get them taken away. Pokémon Cards are a distraction. Trading in the middle of class disrupts everybody. If you get your cards taken away a certain amount of times your teacher will most likely take them away till the end of the year, or till you parents come and get them. So if you bring your Pokémon Cards to school keep them in  your backpack so you won’t get in trouble.   

April 12


Lately I have seen a whole bunch of trash like aluminum cans, plastic wrappers, grocery bags and a whole bunch of other stuff on streets, my apartment complex, and even some trash on the school grounds too. I personally think that people that litter all over the sidewalk and the school grounds just don’t care about the environment. When people litter it hurts the environment and it also hurts the animals and things that live on the planet too. When I see people litter I just sit there for a minute or two staring at them in disgust. Just thinking, ” Wow I wonder how much that person really cares about the world they live in.” Sometimes I pick up the trash and throw it away or recycle it. Other times when I am with my mom and we have to go somewhere, I regret not picking it up. Please leave a comment about what you think about littering.

By Reilli

April 12


Kids in our 5th grade class seem to be interested in a series of games called Ducklife. It’s about where you have a duck; you train it in different skills like running, swimming, etc.In Ducklife, you have one duck that’s yellow. You get coins from doing training. There’s a shop that you can buy stuff in.You can race when your duck is good enough. In Ducklife 2, there is another skill. Can you guess what it is? Yup, you guessed it. Climbing! There are also more races+a championship. If you beat Ducklife 2, you can edit tracks. In Ducklife 3, you choose a duck. A strength duck, an athletic duck, and a flying duck.Once you beat the championship, you evolve into a bigger duck. You evolve 3 times.  If you beat the champion duck you become king of the ducks. In Ducklife 4, there are different levels. The first is grassland. You have to do running training. If you beat a certain duck, you get an invite to the tournament. If you beat the tournament, you advance to the swamp level; and so on. In all the Ducklife games if you win a race, you get 50 coins.  I’ve talked to some kids about Ducklife, they said it’s fun. Why don’t you check out Ducklife and write how you feel about it.

By Trevor