July 1

School’s Out for Summer!

We had another quick school year. The time always seems to fly by. Now, its on to summer. But before I get there I’d like to reflect a bit.

I’m proud of what we accomplished. Yes there were some challenges, but I think we came out on top.

List of Accomplishments
-Learned more about fractions than any grade level in K-4.
-Read several books as individuals and as a class. Titles include: “Tuck Everlasting”, “Flying Solo”, “Doll Bones”, etc…
-Continued our Legacy Crop for 1st graders next year and designed experiments that should help us to develop a better garden harvest in the future.
-Tried to start FedEx programming that allowed us to learn in a way we determined. To learn what we are passionate about.

We learned a bunch. I could go on and on.

I learned quite a bit as a teacher too. For instance, kids need recess! I took some feedback from the class and most students really wanted more time to run around and play with friends. Makes sense, right?

Well, I hope everyone has a super summer and kids swing by to visit next school year.

One last thing. Again, I know my blogging needs improvement. I’ll keep working on it. I hope to make it more of a habit this summer. Maybe I can fit in some more Vlogs too. Stay tuned.